Class XII

Transmitter is a device that
  1. Inverts the message
  2. Clips the message signal
  3. Makes the message contain parts of the spectrum
  4. Makes the message suitable for transmission and reception
Which of these is an example of point to point communication?
  1. TV
  2. FM Radio
  3. AM Radio
  4. Telephony
In Digital type signals, signals can take
  1. only continuous values
  2. only discrete stepwise values
  3. only frequency modulated values
  4. only amplitude modulated values
Maximum usable frequency (MUF) is F-region layer is x, when the critical frequency is 60 MHz and the angle of incidence is 60}°, the x is:
  1. 150 MHz
  2. 170 MHz
  3. 175 MHz
  4. 190 MHz
Noise in electronic communication refers to
  1. Noise produced by sound
  2. Noise produced by whistles
  3. unwanted signals that are mixed up with messages
  4. signals that are amplified for performance
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