Class XI

A power plant that would make use of the temperature gradient in the ocean has been proposed. The system is to operate between 5.00∘∘C (water temperature at a depth of about 1 km) and 20.0∘∘C (surface water temperature).If the power output of the plant is 75.0 MW, how much energy is absorbed per hour?
  1. 5.37 TJ/hr
  2. 5.57 TJ/hr
  3. 5.27 TJ/hr
  4. 5.07 TJ/hr
A geyser heats water flowing at the rate of 3.0 liters per minute from 27 ∘∘C to 77 ∘∘C. If the geyser operates on a gas burner, what is the rate of consumption of the fuel if its heat of combustion is 4.0 ×× 104104 J/g?
  1. 16 g per min
  2. 12 g per min
  3. 14 g per min
  4. 18 g per min
Calculate the heat and the work associated with a process in which 5.00 mol of gas expands reversibly at constant temperature T = 298 K from a pressure of 10.00 to 1.00 atm
  1. 28.5 kJ, -28.5 kJ
  2. 27.0 kJ, -28.5 kJ
  3. 25.5 kJ, -28.5 kJ
  4. 30.5 kJ, -28.5 kJ
in an open system,
  1. the boundaries permit the flow of matter into or out of it
  2. the boundaries prevent the flow of matter into or out of it
  3. the boundaries prevent the flow of matter out of it
  4. the boundaries prevent the flow of matter into it
In changing the state of a gas adiabatically from an equilibrium state A to another equilibrium state B, an amount of work equal to 22.3 J is done on the system. If the gas is taken from state A to B via a process in which the net heat absorbed by the system is 9.35 cal, how much is the net work done by the system in the latter case?
  1. 17.6 J
  2. 16.8 J
  3. 17.9 J
  4. 17.2 J
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