Class XI

Three liquids of densities d, 2d and 3d are mixed in equals proportions of weights. The relative density of the mixture is
  1. 18/11d
  2. 23/18d
  3. 11/7d
  4. 13/9d
Two absolute scales A and B have triple points of water defined to be 200 A and 350 B. What is the relation between TATA and TBTB ?
  1. TATA = (5/9) TB
  2. TATA = (4/7) TB
  3. TATA = (2/7) TB
  4. TATA = (3/7) TB
A 1.50-kg iron horseshoe initially at 600∘∘C is dropped into a bucket containing 20.0 kg of water at 25.0∘∘C. What is the final temperature? (Neglect the heat capacity of the container and assume that a negligible amount of water boils away.) Specific heat of iron = 448J/Kg∘C
  1. 30.6∘∘C
  2. 28.6∘∘C
  3. 29.6∘∘C
  4. 28.6∘∘C
Liquid helium has a very low boiling point, 4.2 K, and a very low latent heat of vaporization, 2.09 ×× 104104 J/kg. If energy is transferred to a container of boiling liquid helium from an immersed electric heater at a rate of 10.0 W, how long does it take to boil away 1.00 kg of the liquid?
  1. 37 min
  2. 31 min
  3. 35 min
  4. 33 min
Which one of the following statements is correct for a fluid passing through the narrow part of non-uniform pipe?
  1. its velocity and pressure both increase
  2. its velocity and pressure both decrease
  3. its velocity increases but its pressure decreases
  4. its velocity decreases but its pressure increases
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