Class XI

Which is the incorrect statement from the following?
  1. Taxonomic aids are the prime source of taxonomy, systematics and future studies
  2. Family is a group of related genera with still less number of similarities as compared to genus and specie
  3. Lion, tiger, leopard and cat belong to the same genus
  4. Systematics takes into account evolutionary relationship between organisms.
Lions are found in
  1. Corbett national park
  2. Western Ghat
  3. Gir forest
  4. Madhya Pradesh
Preservative liquid used for storing fleshy organs is
  1. Formalin
  2. FAA
  3. Acetic acid
  4. Ethyl alcohol
A group of plants with similar traits of any rank is
  1. Taxon
  2. Species
  3. Order
  4. Genus
“SystemaNaturae” is a book written by
  1. Linneaus
  2. John Ray
  3. Lamarck
  4. Benthem and Hooker
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