Class XI

Angular momentum of a body is defined as the product of
  1. Moment of inertia and angular velocity
  2. Linear velocity and angular velocity
  3. Mass and angular velocity
  4. Centripetal force and radius
Two circular rings have their masses in the ratio 1:2 and their diameters in the ratio 2: 1. The ratio of their moments of inertia about their axes is
  1. it is 1: 4
  2. it is 4: 1
  3. it is 1 :2
  4. it is 2 : 1
A solid sphere of mass M and radius R spins about an axis passing through its centre making 600 rpm. Its kinetic energy of rotation is
  1. 2/5π2MR
  2. 80π2MR
  3. 1/5π2MR
  4. 2/8π2MR
The vector product of two vectors a and b is a vector c such that the magnitude of c is given by
  1. |a||b||a||b|tanθ
  2. |a||b||a||b|cosθ
  3. |a||b||a||b|sinθ
  4. |a||b||a||b|cosθ
Rigid body is a body which
  1. does not maintain the same distance between any two points on it if force is applied.
  2. becomes longer or shorter if force is applied
  3. does not deform on the application of force
  4. deforms on application of force
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