Class XI

Daltons atomic theory could not explain one of the following
  1. Law of constant composition
  2. Discovery of sub-atomic particles
  3. Law of multiple Proportions,
  4. Law of conservation of mass
Bohr’s model of atom could explain quantitatively the general features of the structure of
  1. oxygen atom
  2. carbon atom
  3. nitrogen atom
  4. Hydrogen atom
Values of e/m (charge/mass) in the categories alpha particle (α), electron (e) and protons (p) increase in the order:
  1. a < p < e
  2. e < α < p
  3. p < e < α
  4. α < e < p
Isotopes are the atoms with
  1. same atomic number but different number of electrons
  2. same mass number but different atomic number
  3. same atomic number but different mass number
  4. same number of neutrons but different mass number
The product of the uncertainties of the exact position and exact momentum (or velocity) of an electron. The product of their uncertainties is always
  1. equal to or greater than h/4π.
  2. equal to or greater than h/2π
  3. equal to or greater than h/ π
  4. equal to or greater than h/3π
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