Class XI

The epithelium found in the lining of stomach and intestine is
  1. Cuboidal epithelium
  2. Ciliated columnar epithelium
  3. Squamous epithelium
  4. Columnar epithelium
The most abundant type of animal tissue in the complex animals is
  1. Nervous tissue
  2. Connective tissue
  3. Muscle tissue
  4. Epithelial tissue
The haemoglobin content/100 ml of blood of a normal healthy human adult is
  1. 12-16 g
  2. 5-11 g
  3. 17-20 g
  4. 25-30 g
The most active phagocytic white blood cells are
  1. Eosinophils and neutrophils
  2. Neutrophils and monocytes.
  3. Neutrophils and eosinophils
  4. Lymphocytes and macrophages
Intestinal mucosa has microvili to
  1. Increase the surface area.
  2. Supply blood
  3. Easy movement of food
  4. Absorption of blood
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