Class XI

Which of the following figures does not represent 1 mole of dioxygen gas at STP?
  1. 32 grams of gas
  2. 6.022 × 10dioxygen molecules
  3. 16 grams of gas
  4. 22.7 liters of gas
Increase in kinetic energy can overcome intermolecular forces of attraction. How will the viscosity of liquid be affected by the increase in temperature?
  1. No effect
  2. Decrease
  3. No regular pattern will be followed
  4. Increase
dipole-dipole forces act between molecules that have
  1. an induced electrical dipole moment
  2. an electron cloud that causes temporary dipoles
  3. a permanent electrical dipole moment.
  4. a permanent magnetic dipole moment
Real gases show deviations from ideal gas law because
  1. of experimental errors
  2. molecules repel each other
  3. size of molecules cannot be measured
  4. molecules interact with each other
behaviour of the gas becomes more ideal when
  1. temperature is very low
  2. pressure is very high
  3. pressure is very low
  4. number of moles is very low
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