Class XI

If GA3 is applied to the rice seedlings, the plant will show
  1. Extra elongation
  2. Early flowering
  3. Delayed ripening
  4. Dwarfing
You forget to add Cytokinin the culture medium, there will be very little growth as Cytokinin is essential for
  1. Cell division and cell elongation
  2. Cell maturation and cell expansion
  3. Cell division and cell differentiation
  4. Cell differentiation and cell elongation
A process of shortening of the juvenile or vegetative phase and hastening flowering by a previous cold treatment is
  1. Cold and hot treatment
  2. Photoperiodic
  3. Vernalization
  4. Shortening
Which of the following hormone is used to kill dicotyledonous weeds?
  1. Gibberellin
  2. ABA
  3. Cytokinin
  4. 2,4 D
The correct sequence leading to the growth curve
  1. lag,stationary,log phases
  2. lag, log, stationary phases
  3. log,lag , stationary phases
  4. stationary,log,lag phases
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