Class XI

The graphical representation of the total growth against time is called
  1. Growth curve
  2. Growth phase
  3. Growth table
  4. Growth graph
Which of the following gibberellic acid is used for malting process in brewing industry?
  1. GA1
  2. GA
  3. GA3
  4. GA2
The point at which exponential phase ends and decelerating phase begins is called
  1. Relaxation point
  2. Compensation point
  3. Saturation point
  4. Inflexion point
Maximum growth occurs in
  1. Exponential phase
  2. Stationary phase
  3. Senescent phase
  4. Leg phase
If GA3 is applied to the rice seedlings, the plant will show
  1. Extra elongation
  2. Early flowering
  3. Delayed ripening
  4. Dwarfing
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