Class XI

The length of a second’s pendulum decreases by 0.1percent, then the clock
  1. Gains 43.2 seconds per day
  2. Loses 7 seconds per day
  3. Loses 43.2 seconds per day
  4. Loses 13.5 seconds per day
A 0.5 kg weight attached to a light spring elongates it by 0.981 mm. The natural frequency of the system should be approximately
  1. 8 Hz
  2. 36 Hz
  3. 16 Hz
  4. 16 Hz
A particle executes S.H.M along a straight line with amplitude ‘A’. The potential energy is maximum when the displacement is
  1. Zero
  2. ±± A/2
  3. ±± A2–√
  4. ±± A
The angular velocities of three bodies in simple harmonic motion areω1ω1, ω2ω2, ω3ω3 with the respective amplitudes as A1A1 A2A2 A3A3 If all the three bodies have same mass and velocity,then
  1. A21ω21A21ω21 = A22ω22=A23ω23
  2. A1ω21A1ω21 = A22ω22=A23ω23
  3. A1ω21A1ω21 = A22ω22=A23ω23
  4. A1ω21A1ω21 = A22ω22=A23ω23
Oscillatory motion is best described by
  1. combination of translational motion and rotational motion
  2. periodic to and fro motion
  3. a zig zag motion about a straight line
  4. a rotational motion about an axis
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