Class XI

A coin kept on a rotating gramophone disc just begins to slip if its centre is at a distance of 8 cm from the centre of the disc. The angular velocity of the gramophone disc is then doubled. Through what distance, the coin should be shifted towards the centre, so that the coin will just slip?
  1. 2 cm
  2. 6 cm
  3. 16 cm
  4. 4 cm
The path of a particle is given by the expression y = at + bt2 , where a and b are constants . Y is the displacement at time t . Its velocity at any instant is given by
  1. A+ 2bt
  2. zero
  3. 2bt
  4. At
When angular velocity changes with respect to time then?
  1. an angular acceleration is produced
  2. a linear acceleration is produced
  3. it constitute a couple
  4. a linear velocity is produced
When a body P moves on a circular path, the centripetal acceleration is
  1. directed inwards from P, to the centre of the circle
  2. directed tangential to the circumference of the circle , at P
  3. directed perpendicular to the planc of the circle, at P
  4. directed outward, perpendicular to the circumference of the circle
One o (1o) is equal to?
  1. 0.1745 rad
  2. 0.01745 rad
  3. 0.001745 rad
  4. 7.1745 rad
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