Class XI

Which of the following physical quantities a scalar?
  1. work
  2. force
  3. velocity
  4. electric field
In a harbor, wind is blowing at the speed of 72 km/h and the flag on the mast of a boat anchored in the harbor flutters along the N-E direction. If the boat starts moving at a speed of 51 km/h to the north, what is the direction of the flag on the mast of the boat?
  1. approximately south
  2. approximately north
  3. approximately north-east
  4. approximately east
The speed of a projectile when it is at its greatest height is 25−−√25 times its speed at half the max height. What is the angle of projection?
  1. 70∘
  2. 60∘
  3. 80∘
  4. 90∘
The path of a projectile is
  1. hyperbola
  2. a parabola
  3. cubic
  4. straight line
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