Class XI

The small lateral outgrowth of the leaf base which protect the young leaf and its axillary buds in young stage is called
  1. Petiolate
  2. Bracts
  3. Stipules
  4. Pulvinus
Pentamerous, actinomorphic flower, bicarpellary ovary with oblique septum and berry or capsule fruit belong to family
  1. Liliaceae
  2. Asteraceae
  3. Brassicaceae
  4. Solanaceae
Parallel venation is present in
  1. Botha&b
  2. Monocotyledons
  3. None of these
  4. Dicotyledons
The form of thalamus in which ovary is at top and stamens, petals and sepals are borne below is called
  1. Perigyny
  2. Hypogyny
  3. Semi-epigyny
  4. Epigyny
Phylloclade are
  1. Modified petiole
  2. Green succulent stems of indefinite growth
  3. One internodes long stem
  4. Leaf modifications
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