Class XI

Which one is not a reason of mineral depletion in the soil?
  1. Growing leguminous plants
  2. Non-rotation of crops
  3. Leeching of minerals
  4. Use of high yielding varieties
The most common mineral elements which became deficient in agricultural soil are
  1. Phosphorus, Nickel and Nitrogen
  2. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium
  3. Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen
  4. Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen
Which group of three elements is required for both photosynthesis mitochondrial electrons transport?
  1. Ca, K, Na
  2. Mn, Co, Ca
  3. Cu, Mn, Fe
  4. Co, Ni, Mo
Nodule formation is stimulated by two phytohormones
  1. Cytokinin and Gibberellins
  2. Auxin and Abscesic acid
  3. Auxin and Cytokinin
  4. None of these.
Entry of ions into cells is called
  1. Influx
  2. Inflow
  3. Outflux
  4. Out flow
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