Class XI

The elements involved in delay of flowering if their concentration is low are
  1. N,S,Mo
  2. N,S,K
  3. N,S,P
  4. N,S,Mn
Dark brown amorphous substance formed by degradation of cellulose and lignin in the soil to increase water holding capacity and aeration is
  1. Pathogens
  2. Humus
  3. Legume
  4. Ureides
In plant, nitrate is reduced to ammonia state in two steps. In second step electrons are donated by
  1. Nitrate reductase
  2. Cytochrome b5
  3. Nitrite reductase
  4. Ferredoxin
Which is an important constituent of protein involved in transfer of electrons?
  1. biotin
  2. ferredoxin
  3. Thiamine
  4. Coenzyme A
The requirement of micro nutrient are always low if the concentration increases it leads to
  1. Cell elongation
  2. deficiency symptoms
  3. Toxicity
  4. Cell differentiation
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