Class XI

Each pectoral girdle : i. has 2 pairs of bones, a pair of clavicle and a pair of scapula. ii. scapula contains expanded process and glenoid cavity, the latter is for articulation of the head of humerus.
  1. both are wrong
  2. Statement i) is wrong and ii) is correct.
  3. Statement i) is correct and ii) is wrong.
  4. both are correct
Actin filaments are found in all eukaryotic cells but reportedly absent in :
  1. fish sperms
  2. human sperms
  3. Camel sperms
  4. nematode sperms
Match the following bones and their synonyms : column A a) Hipbone b) Kneebone c) Collarbone d) immovable joint column B i) patella ii) clavicle iii) suture iv) innominate
  1. a)-iii, b)-ii, c)-iv, d)-ii
  2. a)-ii, b)-iii, c)-i, d)-iv
  3. a)-iv, b)-i, c)-ii, d)-iii
  4. a)-iv, b)-ii, c)-iii, d)-i
A functional G-Actin molecule in its free state is bound to :
  1. mangnese ion and ATP
  2. sodium ion and ATP
  3. Calcium ion and ATP
  4. magnesium ion and ATP
Match the following : Animal a) Sphyrna b) Pediculus c) Asterias d) Metridium type of skeleton i) exoskeleton ii) hydrostatic skeleton iii) cartilaginous skeleton iv) endoskeleton
  1. a)-iv, b)-ii, c)-i, d)-iii
  2. a)-iii, b)-i, c)-iv, d)-ii
  3. a)-i, b)-iii, c)-iv, d)-ii
  4. a)-ii, b)-iii, c)-i, d)-iv
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