Class XI

The ionic hydrides are crystalline, non-volatile but on melting does one of the following:
  1. liberates dihydrogen gas at cathode
  2. conducts electricity
  3. liberates lithium at anode
  4. liberate water
Dihydrogen reacts with dioxygen to form water. The reaction is.
  1. slightly endothermic
  2. highly endothermic
  3. occurs at room temperature
  4. highly exothermic
Ammonia( NH3) is an example of
  1. electron-deficient compounds
  2. electron-rich hydrides
  3. electron-precise compounds
  4. electron acceptors
Water behaves as an amphoteric substance because
  1. it has the ability to actl as a base
  2. it has the ability to act as an acid
  3. it has the ability to act as an acid as well as a base
  4. it has the ability to oxidize as well as reduce
What is false about Lanes process ?
  1. Method used for manufacture of dihydrogen
  2. It involves the oxidation of iron by stema
  3. It involves the reduction of H2O (g) by iron
  4. It involves the oxidation of water gas
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