Class XI

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and has resemblance to alkali metals as well as with halogens. However, its placement in the periodic table has been a subject of discussion in the past. Currently hydrogen is placed in which group?
  1. separate group
  2. 4
  3. 1
  4. 17
Dihydrogen is used in fuel cells for generating electrical energy because
  1. does not produce any pollution
  2. releases lesser energy per unit mass of fuel
  3. is rather unreactive at moderate temperatures
  4. the surface tension is low
An ice cube floats on water because
  1. Density of ice is zero
  2. Density of ice is more than that of water
  3. Density of ice is less than that of water
  4. Density of ice is equal to that of water
What is false about Lanes process ?
  1. Method used for manufacture of dihydrogen
  2. It involves the oxidation of iron by stema
  3. It involves the reduction of H2O (g) by iron
  4. It involves the oxidation of water gas
Water shows anomalous behavior between
  1. 0 to 4 degree C
  2. 0 to 5 degree C
  3. 0 to -4 degree C
  4. 4 to 0 degree C
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