Class XI

Approximately seventy percent of carbon-dioxide absorbed by the blood will be transported to the lungs :
  1. as bicarbonate ions
  2. in the form of dissolved gas molecules
  3. by binding to R.B.C.
  4. as carbamino - haemoglobin
Forelimbs of cat, lizard used in walking; forelimbs of whale used in swimming and forelimbs of bats used in flying are an example of :-
  1. Analogous organs
  2. Adaptive radiation
  3. Homologous organs
  4. Convergent evolution
Which structures perform the function of mitochondria in bacteria ?
  1. Nucleoid
  2. Ribosomes
  3. Cell wall
  4. Mesosomes
The motile bacteria are able to move by :-
  1. Fimbriae
  2. Flagella
  3. Cilia
  4. Pili
When the energy of the incident radiation is incredased by 20%, the kinetic energy of the photoelectrons emitted from a metal surface increased from 0.5 eV to 0.8 eV. The work function of the metal is:-
  1. 0.65 eV
  2. 1.0 eV
  3. 1.3 eV
  4. 1.5 eV
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