Class XI

Pollen tablets are available in the market for :
  1. In vitro fertilization
  2. Breeding programmes
  3. Supplementing food
  4. Ex situ conservation
In which one of the following processes CO2 in not released ?
  1. Aerobic respiration in plants
  2. Aerobic respiration in animals
  3. Alcoholic fermentation
  4. Lactate fermentation
Which property of colloids is not dependent on thecharge on colloidal particles ?
  1. Coagulation
  2. Electrophoresis
  3. Electro - osmosis
  4. Tynadall effect
Assisted reproductive technology, IVF involves transfer of :
  1. Ovum into the fallopian tube
  2. Zygote into the fallopian tube
  3. Zygote into the uterus.
  4. Embryo with 16 blastomeres into the fallopian tube.
A scrubber in the exhaust of a chemical industrial plant removes :-
  1. gases like sulphur dioxide
  2. particulate matter of the size 5 micrometer or above
  3. gases like ozone and methane
  4. particularte matter of the size 2.5 micrometer or less
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