Class XI

Vasopressin is a hormone involved in regulation of urine formation. It is secreted from :
  1. Kidney JGA
  2. neurohypophysis
  3. adenohypohysis
  4. Hypothalamus
Urinary bladder is absent in :
  1. Snakes
  2. Monkey
  3. Kangaroos
  4. Camels
Read the following for hemodialysis : i. Blood of patient is pumped from vein into cellophane tube which is suspended within dialysing solution. ii. Dialysing solution is of the same composition as blood plasma but no urea. iii. The risk of formation of blood clots is associated with artificial kidney. iv. Blood is therefore mixed with anti-heparin to prevent clot formation.
  1. all statements are correct.
  2. statement i),iii) and iv) are correct.
  3. statement ii) and iii) are correct.
  4. statementi) and ii) are correct.
Rahul is anaemic and few days ago suffered from massive haemorrhage. Now what problems he may face :
  1. all of these
  2. very low blood pressure
  3. no glomerular filteration
  4. accumulation of waste products in body
Read the following : i. Infants and toddlers are often under habit of bed wetting since micturition is a reflex process. ii. Adults and grown up children can control this reflex process, voluntarily to some extent.
  1. Statement i) is correct and ii) is wrong
  2. Statement i) is wrong and ii) is correct
  3. both are wrong
  4. both are correct
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