Class XI

For reactions involving gases, however, it is usually more convenient to express the equilibrium constant in terms of
  1. temperature
  2. molar concentration of the products
  3. molar concentration of the reactants
  4. partial pressure
If we place solid iodine in a closed vessel, after sometime the vessel gets filled up with violet vapour. When equilibrium is attained, the intensity of colour will be
  1. constant
  2. decreases
  3. increases
  4. no colour at all
Assuming complete dissociation, calculate the pH of 0.002 M KOH solution.
  1. 10.93
  2. 11.31
  3. 2.01
  4. 10.11 only
Amines behave as
  1. Lewis acids
  2. neutral compound
  3. Lewis base
  4. aprotic acid
A catalyst increases the rate of the chemical reaction for the conversion of reactants to products by
  1. lowering the equilibrium composition of a reaction mixture
  2. lowering the temperature
  3. making available a new low energy pathway
  4. increasing the activation energy for the forward reaction
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