Class XI

The secretions released into small intestine are
  1. Bile and pancreatic juices
  2. Bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices.
  3. Pancreatic and intestinal juices
  4. Bile and intestinal juices.
One of the gut hormones which is often referred to as the "hunger hormone" since it works as a strong stimulant for appetite and feeding is :
  1. Secretin
  2. GLP-1
  3. Ghrelin
  4. Gastrin
Out of the following which one don’t provide any calories :
  1. Alcohol
  2. Proteins
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
Which layer of alimentary canal forms villi?
  1. Muscularis
  2. Mucosa
  3. Serosa
  4. Sub-mucosa
Absorption of fats takes place through :
  1. intestinal mucosa
  2. blood capillaries
  3. intestinal villi
  4. lymphatic ducts
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