Class XI

Some girls develop male secondary sexual characters like beard, moustaches, hoarse voice etc. This is called
  1. adrenal virilism
  2. gonadotropin excessism
  3. cushions syndrome
  4. eunuchoidism
Which of the following gas is found to work as a second messenger?
  1. N2O
  2. SO2
  3. NO2
  4. NO
A chemical acts slowly, requiring hours to take effect. It may pass in and out of many cells in which they have no effect. When they find appropriate receptor in their target cell they bind to it. Chemical is :
  1. oxytocin
  2. somatotropin
  3. aldosterone
  4. adrenaline
A dwarf person showing stunted growth and mental retardation both, is a result of hyposecretion of
  1. Thyroid hormone
  2. Thymosin and melatonin
  3. Growth hormone
  4. Parathyroid hormone
Which of the following is not matched correctly :
  1. Thyroid and Parathyroid →→ derived from ectoderm
  2. Adrenal medulla →→ derived from ectoderm
  3. Adrenal cortex →→ derived from ectoderm
  4. Gonads →→ derived from mesoderm
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