Class XI

People buy food at the market
  1. The food had bought from the market.
  2. Food is bought at the market.
  3. People bought food at market
  4. the people bought food from the market
Tom will have calculated the cost before the end of the day.
  1. The end of the day tom had been calculete the cost
  2. The cost calculated by the tom end of the day.
  3. The cost will have been calculated before the end of the day.
  4. Tom would calculated the cost end of the day
They take the child to school by car.
  1. The child was took by the school car.
  2. The child is took by them.
  3. The child is taken to school by car.
  4. The child is take a car for school.
The reporter is announcing the results on the radio right now.
  1. The results are being announced on the radio right now.
  2. The result is announced by the reporter just now
  3. The result is just annonuced right now by the reporter.
  4. The reporter announced result on radio now.
Emma had done the housework before the guests arrived.
  1. The house work is done before coming the guest.
  2. The housework being done by the Emma before arriving the guest.
  3. The housework had been done before the guests arrived.
  4. The housework done before the guests arrived by Emma.
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