Class XI

During zygotene stage chromosomes start pairing together and the process is called as
  1. Fertilisation
  2. Fertilisation
  3. Synapsis
  4. Recombination
Multinucleate condition arise when Cytokinesis does not follow karyokinesis, this type of cells are called as
  1. Uninuleate
  2. Coenocytes
  3. Holotype
  4. Prototype
In plant cells, the new cell wall begins by the
  1. Centromere
  2. Cell plate
  3. Cell cycle
  4. Chromatid
Which one proceeds reformation of nuclear envelope during M-phase of cell cycle?
  1. Formation of contractile ring and phragmoplast
  2. Formation of contractile ring and transcription
  3. Transcription from chromosomes and reassemble of nuclear lamina
  4. Decondenstion of chromosomes with appearance of nuclear lamina.
Lampbrush chromosome where two homologous chromosome with several chiasmata with several loops in chromatic region is found in
  1. Egg yolk
  2. Skin cells
  3. Bean inflorescence
  4. Hair cells
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