Class XI

A film of _____ lines lung alveoli that lowers _____ of the alveoli and makes breathing _____ :
  1. Lecithin, surface tension, easier.
  2. Cuticle, bacterial inflammation, difficult.
  3. Cuticle, inflating, difficult.
  4. Pleuron, surface tension, easier.
Tracheal tube divides into right and left bronchi at the level of :
  1. 6ththoracic vertebra
  2. 7th thoracic vertebra
  3. 5th thoracic vertebra
  4. 4th thoracic vertebra
Ram suffers punctures in his chest cavity without any damage to the lungs in an accident. It results in
  1. No effect in breathing
  2. Rapid increase in breathing rate
  3. Reduction in breathing rate
  4. Cessation of breathing
Respiration in insects is direct due to exchange of gases
  1. Directly with the air in tubes
  2. Directly with coelomic fluid
  3. Directly with the air outside through body surface
  4. By tracheal tubes directly with haemocoel which then exchange with tissues.
Read the following : i. During chloride shift , the chloride ions diffuse from RBC’s into the blood plasma. ii. Chloride shift, helps to maintain ionic balance and chemical neutrality. iii. Chloride shift occurs during transport of CO2CO2 .
  1. only statement i) and ii) are correct.
  2. only statement iii) is correct.
  3. only statement ii) and iii) are correct.
  4. all statements are correct.
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