Class XI

SI units for Base Physical Quantities of length, mass and current are
  1. meter, kilogram, ampere
  2. meter, gram, ampere
  3. meter, kilogram, candela
  4. decimetre, kilogram, ampere
The molarity of NaOH in a solution prepared by dissolving its 4.0 g in enough water to form 250 mL of the solution is
  1. 0.4 M
  2. 0.002 M
  3. 0.02 M
  4. 0.04M
According to Avogadro Law equal volumes ofall gases at the same temperature and pressure should contain ---------- number of molecules .
  1. equal
  2. different
  3. unequal
  4. similar
20 m/s is the same as:
  1. 0.02 km/s
  2. 2000 mm/s
  3. 0.002 mm/s
  4. 200 cm/s
An empirical formula represents the simplest
  1. whole number ratio of various atoms present in a compound
  2. average fractional ratio of various atoms present in a compound
  3. ratio of masses of various elements present in a compound
  4. whole number ratio of the elements present in a compound
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