Class XI

Sclerids belongs to
  1. Fibres
  2. Sclerenchyma
  3. Parenchyma
  4. Collenchyma
Tyloses are balloon-like ingrowths in vessels developing from
  1. Fibres through general surface of vessel wall
  2. Parenchyma through the pits of vessels wall
  3. Fibre through pits on vessels wall
  4. Parenchyma through general surface of vessel wall
Which of the following do not undergo any secondary growth?
  1. Monocotyledonous root
  2. Dicotyledonous root
  3. Dicotyledonous stem
  4. Monocotyledonous stem
Stem of grasses and related plants elongate by the activity of
  1. Apical meristem
  2. Both lateral and apical meristem
  3. Lateral meristem
  4. Both apical and intercalary meristem
In monocotyledons, guard cell of stomata are
  1. Bi-concave shaped
  2. Dumb-bell shaped
  3. Bean-shaped
  4. Biconvex shaped
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