Class X

Michael was a great singer. (Which word is predicate noun?)
  1. singer
  2. Michael
  3. was
  4. great
Ayesha annoyed her mother by not listening to her. (Which word is a subject noun?)
  1. mother
  2. her
  3. Ayesha
  4. annoyed
Hunters searched everywhere for their victim. (Which word is a plural noun?)
  1. victim
  2. everywhere
  3. hunters
  4. searched
Solar energy can be an alternative source of power. (Which word is a predicative noun?)
  1. solar
  2. can be
  3. alternative source of power
  4. energy
Bee is always busy in collecting nectar from flowers to flowers. (Which word is a subject noun?)
  1. nectar
  2. always
  3. collecting
  4. bee
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