Class X

Solar energy can be an alternative source of power. (Which word is a predicative noun?)
  1. solar
  2. can be
  3. alternative source of power
  4. energy
I checked all primary classrooms, no one was there. (Which word is a compound noun?)
  1. checked
  2. classrooms
  3. primary
  4. there
Last week, some innocent people were kidnapped for ransom. (Which word is an abstract noun?)
  1. people
  2. ransom
  3. kidnapped
  4. innocent
Do you ever need to give request? (Which word is a count noun?)
  1. ever
  2. give
  3. request
  4. you
She sat on seashore which were surrounded by shells. (Which word is a mass noun?)
  1. shell
  2. sat
  3. seashore
  4. she
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