Class X

When we were going up hill, an old castle was seen by us. (Which word is an abstract noun?)
  1. hill
  2. seen
  3. us
  4. old
She is mother, and a great teacher too. (Which word is a predicate noun?)
  1. great
  2. too
  3. mother
  4. teacher
Do not be stressed in different situations, they will pass away sooner or later. (Which word is a non count noun?)
  1. stressed
  2. pass
  3. situations
  4. later
I like travelling to visit different places of world. (Which word is a verbal noun?)
  1. travelling
  2. visit
  3. would
  4. places
Allama Iqbal was great poet of east, wrote many poems for children. (Which word is a proper noun?)
  1. great
  2. Allama Iqbal
  3. poet
  4. poems
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