Class X

The image formed by retina of human eye is
  1. Virtual and erect
  2. Real and inverted
  3. Virtual and inverted
  4. Real and erect
The least distance of distinct vision for a young adult with normal vision is
  1. 25m
  2. 20m
  3. 25cm
  4. 20cm
Which phenomenon is responsible for the twinkling of stars?
  1. Atmosphere reflectio
  2. Atmosphere refraction
  3. Reflection
  4. Total internal reflection
A human eye can focus on objects at different distances by adjusting the focal length of the eye lens. This phenomenon is due to:
  1. near sightedness
  2. long sightedness
  3. accomodation
  4. persistence of vision
Which of the following are the primary colours?
  1. Red, Blue, Yellow
  2. Red, Green, Violet
  3. Yellow, Green Blue
  4. Red, Green, Blue
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