Class X

The service sector includes activities such as:
  1. agriculture, dairy, fishing and forestry
  2. making sugar, gur and bricks
  3. transport, communication and banking
  4. none of these
Under employment occurs when people
  1. do not want to work
  2. are not paid for their work
  3. are not skilled
  4. are working less than they are capable of
GDP is the total value of:
  1. all goods and services
  2. all final goods and services
  3. all intermediate goods and services
  4. all intermediate and final goods and services
Workers enjoy job security in :
  1. Agriculture Sector
  2. Private Sector
  3. Unorganised Secto
  4. Organised Sector
Which of the following types of activities are covered in the secondary sector?
  1. It generates services rather than goods
  2. Natural products are changed through manufacturing
  3. Goods are produced by exploiting natural resources
  4. It includes agriculture, forestry and dairy
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