Class X

Which of the following statements is true in respect of Public Sector?
  1. Big companies own most of the assets
  2. Government owns the assets
  3. A group of people owns most of the assets
  4. An individual owns most of the assets
The service sector includes activities such as:
  1. agriculture, dairy, fishing and forestry
  2. making sugar, gur and bricks
  3. transport, communication and banking
  4. none of these
GDP is the total value of:
  1. all goods and services
  2. all final goods and services
  3. all intermediate goods and services
  4. all intermediate and final goods and services
Which of the following economic activity is not in the tertiary sector?
  1. Banking
  2. Bee-keeping
  3. Teaching
  4. Working in a call centre
Why did the government shift its strategy from long term to short term programmes to remove unemployment?
  1. Large Scale Corruption
  2. Lukewarm response from the state govenrmnets
  3. Long term programmes takes a long time to implement
  4. Lack of funds
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