Class X

1. The observation that the continents fit together like puzzle pieces, and may once have been connected, led Alfred Wegener to propose a theory in 1910 called
  1. continental plowing
  2. continental drift
  3. : wandering continents
  4. shape matching of continents
8. Plate tectonics is our current theory of how the movement of continental masses relates to the movement of ocean basins. This movement explains many phenomena, such as
  1. earthquakes
  2. earthquakes
  3. weather patterns
  4. all of the above
3. The development of submarine warfare druing World War II created a pressing need to map the ocean floor. This actually led to research on the ocean floor that would help explain the movement of the continents. What tool was used to do this mapping
  1. underwater cameras
  2. sonar surveys
  3. studies of living things
  4. rock sampling
9. Plate margins are places where much activity occurs. Earthquakes occur, for example, along convergent margins, where plates are
  1. moving apart
  2. sliding past each other
  3. colliding
  4. collafi
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