Class X

Haematite is an ore of
  1. iron
  2. aluminium
  3. copper
  4. ) tin
Which of the following methods is suitable for preventing an iron frying pan from rusting?
  1. Applying grease
  2. Applying paint
  3. Applying a coating of zinc
  4. All of the above.
. Which of the is more reactive?
  1. Hg
  2. Al
  3. Ag
  4. Ca
An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. This compound is also soluble in water. The element is likely to be
  1. calcium
  2. carbon
  3. silicon
  4. iron.
What are the constituents of alloy solder?
  1. Copper, zinc
  2. Copper, tin
  3. Lead, Zinc
  4. Lead, tin
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