Class X

A greenish coating develops on copper utensils due to formation of
  1. CuCo3
  2. Cu(OH)2
  3. Cu(OH)2.CuCO3
  4. CuO
An aluminium strip is kept immersed in freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution taken in a test tube, the change observed is that
  1. Green solution slowly turns brown
  2. Lower end of test tube become slightly warm
  3. A colourless gas with the smell of burning sulphur is observed
  4. Light green solution changes to blue.
During smelting, an additional substance is added which combines with impurities to form a fusible product known as
  1. slag
  2. mud
  3. gange
  4. flux
The second most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is
  1. oxygen
  2. silicon
  3. aluminium
  4. iron
Rusting of iron takes place in
  1. ordinary water
  2. distilled water
  3. both ordinary and distilled water
  4. None of these
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