Class X

Nitrates are utilized for protein making and are absorbed by
  1. phytoplankton
  2. protozoan
  3. animals
  4. plants
Example of flow of materials in a food chain is
  1. grass, grasshopper, sparrow, hawk
  2. grasshopper, hawk, sparrow, grass
  3. sparrow, hawk, grasshopper, grass
  4. hawk, grass, grasshopper, sparrow
Plants that are found on other larger plants and does not harm host plant are called
  1. carnivorous plants
  2. epiphytes
  3. sporophyte
  4. gametophytes
Plantation of new plants on non-forest areas is classified as
  1. deforestation
  2. aforestation
  3. overpopulation
  4. global warming
Carbon dioxide (CO2) taken by producers from atmosphere is converted into
  1. primary compounds
  2. organic compounds
  3. inorganic compounds
  4. terrestrial compounds
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