Class X

Interaction between abiotic components and biotic community is classified as
  1. ecosystem
  2. population
  3. natural biosphere
  4. artificial biosphere
Interrelationship between environment and organisms is called
  1. ecology
  2. geology
  3. biotic community
  4. abiotic community
Natural gas, coal and petroleum are all examples of
  1. kinematics fuels
  2. fossil fuels
  3. biomass fuels
  4. geochemical fuels
Ecosystem in which maximum biomass is present in form of producers is called
  1. primary ecosystem
  2. secondary ecosystem
  3. terrestrial ecosystem
  4. aquatic ecosystem
Law which states that energy is only transformed from one state into another and it is never destroyed nor created is called
  1. law of momentum
  2. law of nuclear fission
  3. law of kinematics
  4. law of thermodynamics
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