Class X

 An electron enters a magnetic field at right angles to it. The direction of force acting on the electron will be
  1. To the right
  2. Out of the page
  3. To the left
  4. Into the page
In all the electrical appliances, the switches are put in the
  1. live wire
  2. earth wire
  3. neutral wire
  4. all of above
  Two free parallel wires carrying currents in opposite directions:
  1. Attract each other
  2. Repel each other
  3. Do not affect each other
  4. Get moved to perpendicular to each other
  The magnetic field lines inside a solenoid is in the form of :
  1. Oersted
  2. Ampere
  3. Volt
  4. Ohm
  The magnetic field strength of a solenoid can be increased by inserting
  1. A wooden piece into it
  2. An iron piece into it
  3. A glass piece into it
  4. Paper roll into it
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