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What is the probability that the male progeny will be a boy?`
  1. 50%
  2. 56%
  3. 47.43%
  4. it varies
While digging fossils are found at deeper layers of the earth, we can conclude
  1. fossil is the most recent.
  2. fossil is very old may be more than thousand years.
  3. fossil may be recent or old, its position is irrelevant.
  4. fossil age cannot be computed.
Which of the following can be called a characteristic?
  1. Plants can photosynthesis
  2. We have 2 eyes
  3. Mango tree is multicellular
  4. all of the above
Homologous organ have
  1. Same structure, same function
  2. Different structure, different function
  3. Same structure, different function
  4. different structure, same function
Gamete cells are
  1. Gamete cells are
  2. Haploid
  3. Either Diploid or Haploid
  4. None of these
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