Class X

Which among the following statements about India’s Constitution is wrong? It
  1. prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion
  2. gives official status to one religion.
  3. provides to all individuals freedom to profess any religion.
  4. ensures equality of citizens within religious communities.
Gender division usually means
  1. biological difference between men and women.
  2. unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women.
  3. unequal child sex - ratio .
  4. absence of voting rights for women
Which of the following is correct for patriarchal society ?
  1. Women dominated society
  2. Male dominated society
  3. Educated society
  4. cultured society.
A system that values man more and gives them power over women is called :
  1. Feminist
  2. Socialist
  3. Patriarchy
  4. Communist
Who among the following is a feminist?
  1. Some one who does not believe in equal rights and opportunities for women and men
  2. Some one who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women and men
  3. Some one who believes in secularism
  4. None of the above
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