Class X

Objective pronoun in sentence "I heard someone shouting very loudly. He was calling me." is
  1. me
  2. i
  3. someone
  4. me
Objective pronoun in sentence "Is every thing right with you?, Yes, I am fine." is
  1. I
  2. you
  3. everything
  4. with
Reciprocal pronoun in sentence "horses trapped one another, when finishing line came closer to them." is
  1. whenever
  2. one another
  3. to
  4. them
Possessive pronoun in sentence "When I finished my work, I asked my teacher to check it for mistakes." is
  1. i
  2. for
  3. it
  4. my
Plural subject pronoun in sentence "Although we fought most valiantly, but we were defeated." is
  1. were
  2. we
  3. although
  4. most
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