Class X

Relative pronoun in sentence "When we were on way to woods. My father killed a snake which was very long." is
  1. whenever
  2. which
  3. be
  4. the
Relative pronoun in sentence "I will start my work when an assignment given to me." is
  1. I
  2. my
  3. whichever
  4. me
Subjective pronoun in sentence "My baby knew how to crawl. When he was only six months old." is
  1. my
  2. only
  3. he
  4. how
Possessive pronoun in sentence "When I finished my work, I asked my teacher to check it for mistakes." is
  1. i
  2. for
  3. it
  4. my
Relative pronoun in sentence "I met him who is found of playing piano. its really inspired me." is
  1. its
  2. who
  3. HIM
  4. I
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