Class X

Human Development Index compares countries based on which of the following levels of the people?
  1. education level
  2. health status
  3. per capita income
  4. All of the above
In which state in India is the infant mortality rate lowest?
  1. Kerala
  2. Bihar
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Punjab
Income alone is not a completely adequate indicator of development of a country. Which one of the following is not correct with regard to this statement?
  1. Money cannot ensure a pollution free environment for individual
  2. Some people earn more than others do
  3. Money helps us buy only material goods and services
  4. Money does not ensure respect and dignity for individuals
Kerala has low infant Mortality Rate because:
  1. it has good climate condition
  2. it has adequate infrastructure
  3. it has adequate provision of basic health and educational facilities
  4. it has poor net attendance ratio
We can obtain per capita income of a country by calculating:
  1. the total income of a person
  2. by dividing the national income by the total population of a country
  3. the total value of all goods and services
  4. the total exports of the country
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