Class X

Thyroid gland is located
  1. below larynx
  2. above larynx
  3. below oesophagus
  4. near right pair of rib
In autonomic nervous system, system which promotes digestion, slows breathing rate and heartbeat is called
  1. sympathetic nervous system
  2. prosympathetic nervous system
  3. prosympathetic nervous system
  4. parasympathetic nervous system
In hindbrain, part of brain through which information passes between brain and spinal cord is called
  1. temporal lobe
  2. occipital lobe
  3. medulla oblongata and Pons
  4. cerebrum
Anterior part of cerebral hemisphere located in cerebrum is classified as
  1. ganglion bulbs
  2. axon bulbs
  3. dendrites bulbs
  4. olfactory bulbs
Considering response of effectors, short-living and immediate response is produced by
  1. gland coordination
  2. endocrine coordination
  3. nervous coordination
  4. chemical coordination
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