Class X

Hormone released by four glands present in posterior side of thyroid gland is called
  1. hyperthormone
  2. hypothormone
  3. parathyroid
  4. parathormone
Thalamus which is present in forebrain serves as relay center between
  1. ganglion and neuroglial
  2. cranium and meninges
  3. skeletal muscles and endocrine glands
  4. spinal cord and brain
Parasympathetic system and sympathetic system are two systems of
  1. central nervous system
  2. reflexive nervous system
  3. autonomic nervous system
  4. ventral nervous system
Two systems of motor pathways includes
  1. reflexive nervous system
  2. motor nervous system
  3. sensory nervous system
  4. somatic and autonomic nervous system
Largest part of forebrain which controls intelligence, emotions and skeletal muscles is classified as
  1. hypothalamus
  2. thalamus
  3. cerebellum
  4. cerebrum
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