Class X

The consumer movement in India has led to the formation of various organisations which are locally known as
  1. Consumer Protection Council
  2. The Consumer International
  3. The Consumer Protection Act (copra)
  4. The World Trade Organization
The department of consumer affairs are found at
  1. National level
  2. State level
  3. both (a) and (b)
  4. none of these
The National Consumer Day is celebrated on
  1. 24th December
  2. 24th October
  3. 24th September
  4. 24th November
MRP on a product means
  1. minimum retail price
  2. maximum retail price
  3. micro retail price
  4. none of the above
When was the ‘Right to Information Act’ passed ?
  1. In January 2002
  2. In March 2004
  3. In October 2005
  4. In July 2007
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