Class X

If finger is called toe,toe is called foot,foot is called thumb,thumb is called ankle, ankle is called palm and palm is called knee,which one finger has different name?
  1. Thumb
  2. Ankle
  3. Knee
  4. Palm
.In a certain code, ROAD is written as URDG.How is SWAN written in that code ?
  1. VXDQ
  2. VZDQ
  3. UXDQ
  4. VZCO
If diamond is called gold,gold is called silver,silver is called ruby and ruby is called emerald,which is the cheapest jewel ?
  1. Diamond
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Ruby
In a certain code, 15789 is written as XTZAL and 2346 is written as NPSU.How is 23549 written in that code ?
  1. NPTUL
  2. PNTSL
  3. NPTSL
  4. NBTSL
If ‘tee see pee’means ‘Drink fruit juice’.,’see kee tee’ means ‘juice is Sweet’, which word is that language means ‘sweet’?
  1. see
  2. kee
  3. lee
  4. pee
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