Class X

Manual Plants that have lost their capacity to produce seeds, reproduce by (FA
  1. Spores
  2. Vegetative propagation
  3. Fission
  4. Regeneration
Mature sperms ate stored in
  1. epididymis
  2. vas deferens
  3. seminiferous
  4. seminal vesicles
The common passage for sperms and urine in the male reproductive system is:
  1. Ureter
  2. Seminal Vesicle
  3. Urethra
  4. Vas deferens
Which of the following is not a part of the female reproductive system in human beings?
  1. Ovary
  2. Uterus
  3. Vas deferens
  4. Fallopian tube
A stamen consists of two parts namely:
  1. Anther and style
  2. Anther and filament
  3. Stigma and style
  4. Filament and style
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