Class X

People must not leave bicycles in the driveway. Bicycle________ in the driveway.
  1. must never be left
  2. must not be left
  3. might be left
  4. must be leave
They had finished the preparations by the time the guests arrived. The preparations_________by the time the guests arrived.
  1. had been finished
  2. had being finished
  3. had finished
  4. being finished
They have finished the new product design. The new product design___________ .
  1. has been finished
  2. had being finished
  3. finished
  4. is finished
They make shoes in that factory. Shoes_______ in that factory.
  1. are made
  2. is made
  3. will make
  4. are make
They were cooking dinner when I arrived. Dinner________when I arrived.
  1. cooked
  2. was cooked
  3. being cooked
  4. was being cooked
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