Class X

Fatty foods become rancid due to the process of
  1. oxidation
  2. corrosion
  3. reduction
  4. hydrogenation
The reaction in which two compound exchange their ions to form two new compounds is called
  1. displacement reaction
  2. combination reaction
  3. double displacement reaction
  4. redox reaction
The chemical formula of lead sulphate is
  1. Pb2SO4
  2. Pb(SO4)2
  3. PbSO4
  4. Pb2(SO4)3
When crystals of lead nitrate are heated strongly in a dry test tube
  1. crystals immediately melt
  2. a brown residue is left
  3. white fumes appear in the tube
  4. a yellow residue is left
In which of the following, heat energy will be evolved?
  1. Electrolysis of water
  2. Dissolution of NH4Cl in water
  3. Burning of L.P.G.
  4. Decomposition of AgBr in the presence of sunlight
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