Class X

Both CO2 and H2 gases are
  1. heavier than air
  2. colourless
  3. acidic in nature
  4. soluble in water
In the decomposition of lead (II) nitrate to give lead (II) oxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen gas, the coefficient of nitrogen dioxide (in the balanced equation) is
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Which information is not conveyed by a balanced chemical equation?
  1. Physical states of reactants and products
  2. Symbols and formulae of all the substances involved in a particular reaction
  3. Number of atoms/molecules of the reactants and products formed
  4. Whether a particular reaction is actually feasible or not
When a magnesium ribbon is burnt in air, the ash formed is
  1. black
  2. white
  3. yellow
  4. pink
On immersing an iron nail in CuSO4 solution for few minutes, you will observe
  1. no reaction takes place
  2. the colour of solution fades away
  3. the surface of iron nails acquire a black coating
  4. the colour of solution changes to green
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