Class VIII

Which of the quadrilaterals has all angles as right angles, opposite sides equal and diagonals bisect-each other?
  1. rectangle
  2. rhombus
  3. square
  4. None of these
The sides of a pentagon are produced in order. Which of the following is the sum of its exterior angles?
  1. 540°
  2. 180°
  3. 720°
  4. 360°
Which of the following quadilaterals has two pairs of adjacent sides equal and diagonals intersecting at right angles?
  1. square
  2. rhombus
  3. kite
  4. rectangle.
A quadrilateral whose all sides, diagonal and angles are equal is a
  1. square
  2. trapezium
  3. rectangle
  4. Rhombus
Which of the parallelograms has all sides equal and diagonals bisect each other at right angle?
  1. square
  2. rectangle
  3. rhombus
  4. trapezium.
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