Class VIII

South American Plate is a/an
  1. Oceanic Plate
  2. Continental Plate
  3. Aquatic Plate
  4. Mantle Plate
Under the land of California, the two plates that move in transformation are
  1. Indo-Australian and North American Plate
  2. Indo-Australian and North American Plate
  3. Eurasian and American Plate
  4. Pacific and North American Plate
Plates made up of continents and parts of oceans are known as
  1. Oceanic Plates
  2. Terrestrial Plates
  3. Continental Plates
  4. Aquatic Plates
Scientists believe that the core is made up of
  1. Iron and nickel
  2. Iron and tungsten
  3. Nickel and aluminum
  4. Nickel and zinc
The process of collision of two plates with different densities is known as
  1. Abduction
  2. Subduction
  3. Prediction
  4. Production
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