Class VIII

The word 'Tectonics' comes from a Greek word
  1. Tectiron
  2. Tecuashian
  3. Tecutan
  4. Tekton
Nazca plate is a/an
  1. Oceanic Plate
  2. Continental Plate
  3. Aquatic Plate
  4. Mantle Plate
South American and African Plates, both contain
  1. Land only
  2. Ocean only
  3. Ocean beds and land both
  4. Ocean beds only
The mantle is the layer of Earth that lies
  1. Over the crust
  2. Under the core
  3. Between the core and the crust
  4. In the core
The Divergent Plate Movement of the African Plate and American Plate will cause the Atlantic Ocean to
  1. Shrink
  2. Get shallower
  3. Deepen
  4. Expand
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