Class VIII

The mantle is made up of
  1. Molten metals
  2. Magma
  3. Light rocks
  4. Heavy rocks
The development of submarine warfare druing World War II created a pressing need to map the ocean floor. This actually led to research on the ocean floor that would help explain the movement of the continents. What tool was used to do this mapping?
  1. underwater cameras
  2. sonar surveys
  3. studies of living things
  4. rock sampling
The fault line formed due to the Transform Plate Movement of North American and Pacific Plate is known as
  1. Los Vegas Fault
  2. Los Angeles Fault
  3. San Andreas Fault
  4. San Francisco Fault
Divergence of these two plates occur on oceanic beds of the
  1. Atlantic Ocean
  2. Pacific Ocean
  3. Arctic Ocean
  4. Indian Ocean
South American Plate is a/an
  1. Oceanic Plate
  2. Continental Plate
  3. Aquatic Plate
  4. Mantle Plate
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