Class VIII

A snail crawls at speed of
  1. 1.7 m/s
  2. 0.03 m /s
  3. 25m/s
  4. 10m/s
Which of the following statement is correct:
  1. Angle of incidence is never equal to angle of reflection
  2. Angle of incidence is always greater than angle of reflection.
  3. Angle of incidence is always smaller than angle of reflection.
  4. Angle of incidence is always equal to angle of reflection.
Part of human eye which is sensitive to red, blue and green light is retina
  1. retina
  2. lens
  3. cornea
  4. vision
How many images will be formed when two plane mirrors are placed parallel to each other ? 
  1. Two 
  2. Infinite 
  3. One 
  4. Four 
We can see ourselves in mirror or polished surface but not on walls because the reflection from walls is:
  1. Regular reflection
  2. Normal reflection
  3. Irregular reflection
  4. Specular reflection
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