Class VIII

Rougher Surfaces have ...
  1. no friction
  2. less friction
  3. higher friction
  4. same level of friction.
Which friction of the following is the highest?
  1. Sliding friction.
  2. Rolling friction
  3. Static friction
  4. None of thes
Friction is a
  1. Contact force
  2. Non-contact force
  3. Magnetic force
  4. None of these
Rolling friction is smaller than?
  1. Sliding friction
  2. Static friction
  3. Fluid friction
  4. All of the above
An object is at rest on a floor, a force is applied to move that object. Which friction force will come into an action at this moment?
  1. Sliding Friction
  2. Static Friction
  3. Rolling Friction
  4. Fluid Friction
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