Class VIII

Like fuel the sun also provides heat and light. The process taking place in the sun is called
  1. Combustion
  2. Nuclear process
  3. Burning
  4. All of above
The products of combustion are
  1. Carbon dioxide and water
  2. Oxygen and water
  3. Only carbon dioxide
  4. Only oxygen
Coal burns with
  1. Flame
  2. Only Glow
  3. Both flame and glow
  4. None of these
Ignition temperature is
  1. Lowest temperature at catch fire
  2. Higher temperature at catch fire
  3. Any temperature
  4. None of these
The substances which have very low ignition temperature will
  1. Catch fire easily
  2. Will not catch fire
  3. Catch fire after some time
  4. None of these
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