Class VIII

Agronomy is a branch of Agriculture that deals with -
  1. Breeding of crop plants
  2. Principles of field management
  3. Principles and practice of crop production
  4. Protection of crops from Diseases and Pests
The habitats valuable for commercially harvested species are called
  1. coral reefs
  2. sea grass bed
  3. hot spots
  4. None of the above
In Jute growing areas the usual alternate crop is -
  1. Cotton
  2. Wheat
  3. Sugarcane
  4. Rice
The Black rust of disease of wheat is caused by-
  1. Xanthomonas graminis
  2. Puccinia graminis
  3. Puccinia recondita
  4. None of these
Gynodioecious varieties of papaya produce -
  1. Only male plants
  2. Female and hermaphrodite
  3. Male and hermaphrodite plants
  4. Only female plants
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